Text Box: Right: Cam- One month before he died at age 11.

Britstar  Chaparral 'Cam'







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Dam:Erntemond Copa Cloud BSCL -Two

S: Kingsman Captain Fantastic (Imp. U,K) 'VG'

D: Dalta Von Erntemond (Imp. NZ)           


Sire:Barshep Captain  -BSCL-One

S: Raps von der Wienerau (Imp. Germany) 'Ex'

D: Glenawly Nocturne BSCL  -Two

 Pictured is Cam & I (left) at a GSDCA National show

graded 'Excellent'

Cam was awarded a total of 68 points

from 3 challenges before his retirement.

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Text Box: Cam was definitely  'one of a kind' 
Purchased as our companion we began showing him as requested by our breeders and found a whole new world. Campaigned from a baby he was always highly placed in all his age classes. He went on to gain numerous excellent gradings under local, interstate and SV judges and was a true ambassador for his breed appearing in local newspapers on many occasions promoting his breed and the German Shepherd Dog club.
He was breed surveyed on 17/8/1986 by A.pettenhofer and given a class one classification. This was also the day the 1000th dog was surveyed in Victoria. Cam was placed at the head of the lineup and was the only class one male! The dog behind us was Kamarn Iccarus, and was assessed by S. Bonifacio for a Breed Survey Class Two classification. He also had the honour of becoming dog number 1000.
Cam was presented to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria's Temperament, Instinct & Character Proficiency Test (TIC Test) at the age of 2 and was the first Geelong dog, and one of very few dogs overall to be awarded the grading of 'Excellent'.
Cam was hip x-rayed at 12 months and unfortunately failed miserably, but this didn't faze us at all ..... keeping in mind that we had bought him as a companion first and foremost, and the showing was for fun, we continued exhibiting for many years to come!
 We were told by our peers to put Cam down, that his show career was finished! Cam went on to gain many excellent gradings and was praised for his soundness in movement well into his senior years-he proved his critics wrong on so many occasions! 
Cam was an exceptional dog in every sense of the word... he sparked our enthusiasm for competition which has led us to where we are today.
Thank you Cam! 
His show results speak for themselves, these are some of his results, but there are too many to list overall.
Young Classes:
July '85-Junior Kennel Club-Mrs.E. Jones-1st MPD
July '85-W.D.C.V-Dr. R. Zammit (nsw)1stMPD
August '85-Horsham KC-Mr. H. Stehlik-1st Puppy Dog
November'85-GSDC of SA-Mrs. F. Ghering-2nd JD
December'85-Yarra Valley KC-Mr. N. Sterzenbach-1st JD & CC
14th GSDCA National-Herr R. Dexel-9th JD (vg)
September '86-Horsham KC-Mr. H. Whiteford-1st Int.
August '86-Broken Hill-Mr. S. Bonafacio-3rd Int. (vg)
 August '86-Broken  Hill-Mr. R. Bonello-2nd Int.(vg)
December '86-Maryborough-Mr. N. Sterzenbach-1st Iint.
Open Classes:
January '87-Aust. Day-Mr. M. Willis (uk) -7th Open Dog (ex)
15th GSDCA National-Herr. Gunther Koellegs (sv) -18th Open (ex)
August '87-Broken Hill-Mr. D. Orourke-2nd Open (ex) & Res CC
August '87-Broken Hill-Ms. F. Ghering-3rd Open (ex)
October '87-Seymour A & p-Mr. H. Whiteford-1st Open/CC
March '88-GSDCV-Mr. J. Brisola-5th Open (ex)
 March '88-Kerang-Mrs.  J. Neddermeyer-2nd Open
April '88-Geelong-Mrs. D. Clarke-1st Open/CC/BOB
July '88-WDCV-Mr. H. Garvican- 1st Open/ Res CC
 Cam loved to work....comments from ringside, "that dog works because he loves you, not because he has to!"
"The dog in second place looks like he could go another day and a half"-comments by David O'Rouke-Broken Hill August 1987. Awarded Reserve CC.
Obedience Results:
Cam began his obedience career late in life, but at his first outing in Encouragement received a 3rd place. 
We became involved in showing/obedience to enjoy competition with our dogs, and this is still the only reason we are still participating in the multitude of dog sports that are available today!


Are legends made, not born - or born, not made?


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