Britstar The Raver 'Emma'

'A' Breed Survey Class 1



When Irene & Wally (Britstar Kennels) offered us Cam's half sister, I jumped (Terry didn't) at the chance. It wasn't an overnight decision though, I had been contemplating getting another bitch for quite some time. As coincidence has it, around that same time I was also offered a baby puppy bitch from a local breeder. The puppy's name was Baxpan Golden Charm (Shar) and her owner was looking to place her in a show home. I did agree to have a look at her before I made up my mind about Emma, but I decided Emma would be the one for us and made arrangements with Irene and Wally to collect her.

A friend had accompanied me to view the Baxpan  litter, declaring that if I didn't take the puppy bitch, she would like to take her instead. All these years later, we still have a connection with that same bitch. Would you believe she is the grandmother of our own Dual Champion Breebaron Lawbreaker 'A''Z' BSCL 1, alias Peppi!

Emma was our third dog, coming to live with us on the 10th March 1988 after the Adelaide Champ show held that year. She had been placed 4th Junior bitch after being called out 2nd under Herr Sweizer (SV) and graded Very good.

Emma was hip x-rayed in November 1988 with the following results:

0 - 6 = 6 a grading of 'Borderline' and awarded her 'A' stamp.

Some show results:

1988 Barwon Canine Champ Show Mrs. C. O'Rourke 1st
12/3/1988 G.S.D.C of Victoria Champ Show Mr. j. Neddermeyer 5th Baby Puppy Bitch
17/7/1988 Working Dog Club of Vic Champ Show Mr. H. Garvican 2nd Puppy Bitch
4/9/1988 Sale & Mafra KC. Mrs. F. Stokes 2nd Puppy Bitch
5&6/11/1988 GSDC of South Australia Herr. Sweizer (SV) 4th Junior Bitch (vg)
12/11/1988 Ballarat A & P Champ Show Mrs. E. Jones 2nd Junior Bitch
13/11/1988 Victorian Bicentennial  Champ Show Mrs. F. Farley 3rd Junior Bitch
1988 Maryborough & District Mrs. S. Bruno 2nd Junior Bitch
1989 GSDCof Victoria 60th Jubilee Champ Mr. Lou Donald (SV) ? (vg)
1989 17th National  GSD Show & Trial Herr. Erich Orschler (SV) 34th (vg)51 exhibits

Emma was Breed Surveyed on the 8th October 1989 by Mrs. F. Farley and awarded her Class One classification.

Some other achievements include: tearing the front seat out of Terry's VG Coupe Valiant Soft top and having the tip of her ear removed by the bitch next door after a good days teasing through the wire!

Shortly before the 1989 National Emma had a tragic accident.  I'd taken her out for her daily pre-show training with some friends and their dogs, who were also entered in the National. After a hard workout we let the dogs run free to unwind before the long walk home. Everything was fine until the dogs saw a rabbit on the cliff just above us, my companions managed to grab their dogs before they caught sight of the rabbit, but Emma had already seen it and was in hot pursuit. I could see what was about to happen, but there was little I could do but hope she stopped before she reached the top. Not comprehending the 20 meter drop she kept chasing the rabbit right over the edge.

To cut a long story short, the rabbit ducked to the left and she didn't, falling heavily onto the paving below. I remember watching in horror as she hit the ground, her front legs tucked under her chest I watched her slide across the ground as though on slippery ice. I ran after her, my eyes filled with tears. She wasn't able to move at first and my mind began to race thinking she had broken a limb, skinned herself or something more tragic. Somehow I managed to scoop her up in my arms and attempted to carry her back home to assess the damage and call the vet.

Although vets and Chiropractors had given her a clean bill of health except for a torn muscle or two (a badly torn shoulder muscle) and some skin off here and there, I was surprised there wasn't more damage done. As for her future -- I was told we would just have to wait and see.

From that day on whenever Emma had a lead placed on her neck she began to limp profoundly.....I think she realized the limp meant no collar, no work! She never worked another day in her life from then on!

In her later years she began suffering from severe back pain which eventually led to losing the use of her hindquarters. Perhaps this was a legacy from her fall...who knows?

Emma in her twilight years.....not long before she left us at 9 years of age.

Emma's reproductive history is just as tragic as her show history! Emma was on a breeding contract (breeders terms) with her breeders Britstar Kennels.

After having problems getting her in whelp, it was advised that we should seek professional help from the Werribee Veterinary Clinic. They explained the possible problems associated with getting a 'natural' mating, as Emma's vagina was very small. They said if she did conceive, she would most likely need a caesarean delivery as it was very unlikely puppies would succeed/live coming out naturally.

We (Irene, Wally (Britstar Kennels) and I) decided that artificial insemination would be the most appropriate alternative, and set off  to try this 'new' innovative technique. We decided on a suitable mate for Emma, a young dog by the name of Elvarado Jack Daniels 'A' Bscl One, but AI  could only be achieved if his owners agreed to sperm collection, which they did.

Unfortunately, Emma was never destined for motherhood, failing to conceive after two attempts. She developed pyometra (Hyperplastic endometritis) in later life, but having been identified very early, she was spayed and suffered no ill effects from it.


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