Whelped: 2nd April 1995.

  Lucky Chance/Silver Chance/Final Chance/Rough Chance.

Lardo von Kirschental (Imp. Gmy) 'a' 'Z' H-neg SchH 3 Kkl 1. Bscl 1.

Falco v Lechtal 'Ex' a

SchH 3 FH IP3

Gundo v Trienzbachtal 'a' SchH3 Fax v Trienzbachtal 'a'
Siegerin: Tannie v Trienzbachtal 'a'
Gilla v Bad Boll SchH3 FH IP3 Lebenszeit 'a' Sieger: Uran v Wildsteigerland FH 'a'
Quera v Lechtal  'a'
Issi v Kirschental 'Ex' a

HGH Seigerin 1991

Xaver v Hulsbach 'a' SchH3 Lebenszeit Sieger: Uran v Wildsteigerland FH 'a'
Antje v Hulsbergtal 'a'
Henny v Retztal 'a' SchH3 Lebenszeit Arras v d Gruber-Holle 'a'
Connie v Retztal 'a'
Sherhaven Voodoo 'A' Bscl 1 'ex'

Bluemaz Gambler 'A'


NZ. Ch: Heiko v d Berg Hausbrunn 'A' (imp. Gmy) Bscl 1. Nick v d Wienerau 'a'
Connie v d Burg Hausbrunn
Brackenbrae Dunja Elan Dell Alta Quercia 'a'
Brackenbrae Jola
Sherhaven Olivia 'A'


Condor v Arminius 'a' (imp Gmy) Bscl 1 Ulan v Adeloga 'a'
Xandra v Arminius 'a'
Sherhaven Isha Bscl 1 Heiko v Loher-Stein 'a'
Sherhaven Chiquita


Camnusch Lucky Chance 'Ozi'

Hips: 2/0 -Normal

Elbows: 0/0 - Normal

"Ozi" is the grandmother of our 'SK' Litter and also our 'OZI' Litter. She will be 10 years of age in April 2005!

She is and has always been 100% sound in temperament, conformation and movement, and until recently has shown no signs of ageing. 

Youth achieevements:

  • Broken Hill GSDC - Mrs. M. Groth - 4th B.P.B (VP)

Ozi was not shown due to a congenital ear problem - she has given us some beautiful animals to continue her bloodline and we hope they do her proud in the future.







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