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Whelped: 8th January 1999.


Aust/Ch: Breebaron Lawbreaker 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 CD ET NAC NJC NGC 'Multi Ex'

Aust.Ch & Aust Sieger: Iniff Vagrant 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 CDX TD Ex-Select Aust & NZ Ch: Baccara Red Beret 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex-Select' Aust Ch & Aust  Sieger Edlenblut Orkan 'A' H-neg Bscl 1 'Ex Select'
San Ricco Oschi (imp NZ) 'A' Bscl 1. Ex
Iniff Majesta 'A' Bscl 1 'Ex' Vasall v Kirschental (imp Gmy) 'A' Bsxl 1. 'Ex'
Iniff Infinate Bscl 1. 'Ex
Breebaron Fyre Dreamer 'A' Bscl 1 Ex Aust Ch. &  Aust Sieger Quincito Awol (imp NZ) 'A''Z' H-neg  Bscl 1 'Ex-Select' NZ Ch. Heiko vd Burg Hausbrunn (imp. Gmy) 'a' Bscl 1. 'Ex'
Hella v Staark
Baxpan Golden Charm 'A' Bscl 11 'VG' Aust Ch. Karlstadt Tumblin Dice 'A' Bscl 1.'CD' 'Ex-Select'
Panleada Danaes Charm Bscl 11 VG
Camnusch Lucky Chance 'A''Z'

Lardo v Kirschental(imp Gmy) 'A''Z' H-neg Bscl 1 V Falco v Lechtal SchH 111 FH  IP 111 'a' V Gundo v Trienzbachtal
Gilla vBad Boll
Issi v Kirschental HGH Siegerin 1991 'a' V Xaver v Hulsbach
Henny v Retztal
Sherhaven Voodoo 'A' Bscl 1 V Bluemax Gambler H-neg Bscl 1 'A' VA Ch. Heiko v d Burg Hausbrunn
Brackenbrae Dunja
Sherhaven Olivia Bscl 11 'A' VG Condor v Arminius
Sherhaven Isha

Linebreeding: Heiko v d Burg  Hausbrunn 4-4, Brackenbrae 'D' Litter (Disco/Dunja) 5-4, Uran v Wildsteigerland 5-5,5.



Camnusch Skallawag 'A' 'Z'


      Hips:2/3=5       Elbows: Normal 


Mac's Results

 17/7/1999 Peter van Oirschot -1st MPD (VP) Best Puppy Dog & Champion Puppy in show (Queensland)

21/8/1999 Mr. Tan oo Hock (Malaysia)- 2nd MPD (called out 1st)

 11/9/1999 Herr Kasper (SV) -2nd MPD (VP)-Broken Hill (called out 1st)

30/10/1999 Mr. Malcolm Willis (SV)-3rd PD (VP).                  








Camnusch Skoundral 'A' 'Z'


Hips: 4/1=5           Elbows: Normal

Red's Results

 17/7/1999 Peter van Oirschot - 5 MPD (VP)





Camnusch Skeemer 'A' 'Z' Bscl 1 


Hips:5/3=8            Elbows: Grade One

Skeemer's Results

 Skeemer is following in her father's pawprints with many BOB and CC's to her credit as well as an In Group from limited shows.

 17/7/1999 Mr. Peter van Oirschot - 1st MPB (VP) Best Puppy Bitch/Runner Up Champion Puppy in Show to her brother  'Camnusch Skallawag' alias Mac.

21/8/1999 Mr. Tan OO Hock (Malaysia)-2nd MPB

21/8/2000  -Teoh Eng  Hong (Singapore)- 1st Intermediate Bitch/BOB/Best in Group

2001 Reserve Challenge -Chan Weng Woh (Malaysia)

2001 Best Of Breed -K. Monk

2001 Reserve Challenge -Mr. Ermanno Maniero (Peru)

2001 Challenge Certificate & Runner Up Best Of Breed to her father Peppi -Mr. A Macandie.

Her glamour and eagerness to run, not only pleases the international judges, but interstate and local judges alike!

*****Skeemer's first and only litter of 3 girls*****



Camnuscsh Skyter 'A''Z'


  Hips:3/5=8            Elbows: Normal

Sky's Results

 17/7/1999  Queensland Champ show- Mr.Peter van Oirschot -6th MPB (called out 2nd)


These dogs excel in whatever they do!



Our Dogs

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