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 A special place in our hearts for a special lady.

Dude/Doodle 'A' Near Normal (4-2=6) Bscl One 'Excellent Graded'

Voodoo joined us in 1990 after the GSDCA National held in Canberra that year. At the time we were looking for a bitch with a particular bloodline and Voodoo turned out to be just what we wanted. After negotiations with Ken & Carol of Sherhaven Kennels (Q'Land), she was purchased by us and became one of the family. Voodoo settled in with us in no time, although Carol had warned us not to let her off lead. Her first day home she slipped her collar and to our surprise didn't run away as expected, but trotted over to Terry who was mowing the lawn and began following him - from that moment we knew she was destined to be one of our family.

Dude had the most gentle nature. She also proved to be a wonderful mother, giving all she had to her babies. She would happily play with them right up to adulthood without showing any sign of aggression. Her wonderful nature has been passed down from generation to generation, a legacy that remains in our kennel to this day.


                                    Voodoo with Trash (on the ground) & Ozi "Camnusch Lucky Chance 'A''Z' as a youngster!


Voodoo was breed Surveyed on the 8th February 1989 and received her class one classification from Mr. A. J. Cowdroy.

From limited shows  she received the grading of Excellent at the 18th (1990) National German Shepherd Dog Show & Restricted trial, and Excellent at the Victorian State Annual Breed Assessment & Restricted Trial in 1992. Some of her achievements as a youngster were: 13 wins from 25 outings, including 2 Challenge Certificates, 3 Reserve CC and 2 Intermediate in Group.


Voodoo                                                                                         Cam (left) & Voodoo (right) 1991

Voodoo is behind almost ALL Camnusch bred dogs except the 'A' litter and 'C' litter- Her first litter to Denargun Super Hero 'A' H-neg Bscl One 'Excellent', produced 7 dogs & 4 bitches. That was our 'B' litter, and two females from that litter Camnusch Black Beat 'Z' (Oke) & Camnusch Blu Ice 'Z' (Pinky) were with us until the age of almost 14 years young. Camnusch Boulavard (Ice/Later to be called Bob) was retained until 15 months and placed with a lovely lady named Pam Pendlebury from Gippsland.

 Voodoo in whelp to Denargun Super Hero (Jed).  

Her next litter was to an imported German male from the show/working kennel of von Kirschental- his name was Lardo v Kirschental 'a' kkl 1. This mating produced our 'Chance' litter consisting of 4 puppy bitches; Rough Chance, Final Chance, Lucky Chance & Silver Chance. Rough chance (Kira) & Final Chance (Shern) were both placed in pet homes, and Lucky Chance (Ozi) and Silver Chance (Trash) were retained by us. Unfortunately Shern was returned to us a short time later, due to her owner being diagnosed with cancer. A decision was made (due to numbers exceeding our permit) to place her with the Victorian Dog Squad and a phone call was made. When the day came for Shern to be collected, we ultimatley donate 2 bitches (no charge)- Shern & Trash. There was one condition though: the girls would be returned to us in the event that one or both failed to pass their assessment for suitability.

Unfortunately this didn't happen and unbeknown to us at the time, Trash was sold. Her new family called in to collect her registration papers on their way home to Colac one day (Colac is approx 30 minutes away) and that's when I  learned of her sale. During the course of conversation  breeding her was mentioned merely so the kids could see puppies being born. To me this was, and is, never a valid reason for breeding, and as I don't support this type of indiscriminate breeding, I strongly voiced my disapproval - even suggesting I buy the bitch back. We all decided to take a few days to think about the situation before making any further decisions. Devastated, I rang the Dog Squad for some answers. and was told they thought I wouldn't want the girls back. They said Shern's assessment had been slightly better than Trash's, so they decided that Trash would be sold. Apologies were made, and I was told there was nothing they could do.

Trash subsequently did stay with her new family, but with the agreement they would contact me if they decided to breed with her.

Trasha with her 'new' family in January 1998.




All things aside, the story did have a happy ending, and the bitch was never mated. I was able to see Trash on several occasions and she really has a wonderful home and is loved a great deal. Shern went on to become a member of the Narcotics division. However, the whole ordeal did teach me a valuable lesson........ and I have not donated any dogs since!

Camnusch Lucky Chance (Ozi) is with us still, and  has children of her own now. She is to become a grandparent sometime in 2003 -you can read about Ozi and her children at Our dogs.

We also flew Dude to NSW on two occasions to a dog called Mutz vd Mainbene (imp. Gmy) owned by Max & Faye Stokes. Unfortunately she missed twice to him, and we were later informed that Mutz had been diagnosed as sterile.

After that, Voodoo retired from maternal duties and lived the rest of her life to the full as our much loved house dog. Her last 'great adventure' was when she travelled with us to Queensland to support her grandchildren at the 1999 Q'Land Champ show. Her grandkids did her proud with Camnusch Skallawag (Mac) & Camnusch Skeemer (Skitz) both winning their classes and taking out the title of Champion puppy & Runner up Champion puppy in show under Peter van Oirschot! Camnusch Skyter 'Sky' was initially called out 2nd, but ended up mid field after being very difficult for her handler. I think the stress of the show on top of such a long journey proved too much for her. Also, Camnusch Skoundral 'Red'  placed 6th Minor Puppy Dog behind his brother on the day.

This would  be the last time Voodoo would see her 'old family' and friends and the opportunity to say goodbye to Ken & Carol.

Voodoo passed away a few months after returning home, but lives on through her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren.


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